Here is the list of accepted papers for ICVS 2013.



6 Automatic Unconstrained Online Configuration of a Master-Slave Camera System David Münch, Ann-Kristin Grosselfinger, Wolfgang Hübner, and Michael Arens
12 High Frame Rate Egomotion Estimation Natesh Srinivasan, Richard Roberts, and Frank Dellaert
13 A Head Pose Tracking System using RGB-D Camera Songnan Li, King Ngi Ngan, and Lu Sheng
15 Visual Tracking Using Superpixel-based Appearance Model Shahed Nejhum, Muhammad Rushdi, and Jeffrey Ho
17 Compensation for Multipath in ToF Camera Measurements Supported by Photometric Calibration and Environment Integration Stefan Fuchs, Michael Suppa, and Olaf Hellwich
20 A Hierarchical Scheme of Multiple Feature Fusion for High-Resolution Satellite Scene Categorization Wen Shao, Wen Yang, Gui-Song Xia, and Gang Liu
27 An Integrated 4D Vision and Visualisation System Csaba Benedek, Zsolt Janko, Csaba Horvath, D&uoml;m&uoml;t&uoml;r Molnar, Dmitry Chetverikov, and Tamas Sziranyi
30 A Validation Benchmark for Assessment of Medial Surface Quality for Medical Applications Agnes Borras, Debora Gil, Sergio Vera, and Miguel Angel Gonzalez
31 Coloured Video Code For In-Flight Data Transmission Falk Schubert, Thilo Fath, and Harald Haas
32 A web-service for object detection using hierarchical models Domen Tabernik, Luka Cehovin, Matej Kristan, Marko Boben, and Ales Leonardis
35 A comparative study on multi-person tracking using overlapping cameras Martijn C. Liem and Dariu M. Gavrila
36 Biological Models for Active Vision: Towards a Unified Architecture Kasim Terzic, David Lobato, Mario Saleiro, Jaime Martins, Miguel Farrajota, and J.M.F. Rodrigues, and J.M.H. du Buf
37 Integrating Multiple Viewpoints for Articulated Scene Model Aquisition Leon Ziegler, Agnes Swadzba, and Sven Wachsmuth
38 A new hierarchical method for markerless human pose estimation Yuan Lei, Huawei Pan, Weixia Chen, and Chunming Gao
40 Fast Detection of Multiple Textureless 3-D Objects Hongping Cai, Tomas Werner, and Jiri Matas
42 Is Crowdsourcing for Optical Flow Ground Truth Generation Feasible? Axel Donath and Daniel Kondermann
47 Model-based pose estimation for rigid objects Manolis Lourakis and Xenophon Zabulis
48 Dimensionality reduction for efficient single frame hand pose estimation Petros Douvantzis, Iason Oikonomidis, Nikolaos Kyriazis, and Antonis Argyros
49 A five-camera vision system for UAV visual attitude calculation and collision warning Akos Zarandy, Zoltan Nagy, Balint Vanek, Tamas Zsedrovits, Andras Kiss, and Mate Nemeth
50 Carried Object Detection and Tracking using Geometric Shape Models and Spatio-Temporal Consistency Aryana Tavanai, Muralikrishna Sridhar, Feng Gu, Anthony G. Cohn, and David C. Hogg
55 Accurate Dense Stereo Matching of Slanted Surfaces Using 2D Integral Images Gwnag Yul Song, Seong Ik Cho, Dong Yong Kwak, and Joon Woong Lee
59 Real-Time Image Recognition with the Parallel Directed Enumeration Method Andrey V. Savchenko
60 When Is A Confidence Measure Good Enough? Patricia Marquez-Valle, Debora Gil, Aura Hernandez-Sabate, and Daniel Kondermann
62 Depth Estimation during Fixational Head Movements in a Humanoid Robot Marco Antonelli, Angel P. del Pobil, and Michele Rucci
69 Probabilistic Cue Integration for Real-time Object Pose Tracking Johann Prankl, Thomas Mörwald, Michael Zillich, and Markus Vincze
72 Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for event-based Vision Systems David Weikersdorfer, Raoul Hoffmann, and Jörg Conradt
73 Anytime Perceptual Grouping of 2D Features into 3D Basic Shapes Andreas Richtsfeld, Michael Zillich, and Markus Vincze
74 Explicit Context-Aware Kernel Map Learning for Image Annotation Hichem Sahbi
75 LaserGun: a Tool for Hybrid 3D Reconstruction Marco Fanfani and Carlo Colombo
76 Automatic Parameter Adaptation for Multi-Object Tracking Duc Phu Chau, Monique Thonnat, and Francois Bremond
77 Integrating Cue Descriptors in Bubble Space for Place Recognition Özgür Erkent and Isil Bozma
87 FACTS - A Computer Vision System for 3D Recovery and Semantic Mapping of Human Factors Lucas Paletta, Katrin Santner, Gerald Fritz, Albert Hofmann, Gerald Lodron, Georg Thallinger, and Heinz Mayer
88 Robust multi-hypothesis 3D object pose tracking Georgios Chliveros, Maria Pateraki, and Panos Trahanias
92 Autonomous Robot Navigation: Path Planning on a Detail-Preserving Reduced-Complexity Representation of 3D Point Clouds Rohit Sant, Ninad Kulkarni, Ainesh Bakshi, Salil Kapur, and Kratarth Goel
95 Vision-Based Magnification of Corneal Endothelium Frames Dario Comanducci and Carlo Colombo
102 Parallel Deep Learning with Suggestive Activation for Object Category Recognition Karthik Mahesh Varadarajan, and Markus Vincze