The 10th European Conference
on Computer Vision
October 12-18, 2008, Marseille, France

ECCV 2008 Workshop on
'Vision in Action: Efficient strategies for cognitive agents in complex environments'


As a continuation of the ECCV workshop series on Cognitive Vision (2nd Cognitive Vision Workshop), this workshop aims to bring together researchers from various programs and projects working on novel approaches for cognition in technical systems. The second objective of the workshop is to discuss ways of how to integrate biological and psychological findings from human and insect perception and action generation, their exploration and representation strategies. Recent results in combining biological insights into development of perception and action algorithms promise a large impact on research in several fields. Future algorithms need to work in complex environments with limited processing and sensing capabilities that require intensive studies, more specifically related to:
  • Attention control
  • Collaborative sensing with simple agents
  • Novel sensor systems
  • Multi-modal fusion of sensory perception
  • Modeling and learning of perception and action for development of innate behaviors, and
  • Memory and representations - coupling between visual perception, tasks, knowledge and the visual system.

Markus Vincze. TU Wien
Danica Kragic, KTH Stockholm danik@nada.kth.se
Darius Burschka, TU Munichburschka@cs.tum.edu
Antonis Argyrosargyros@ics.forth.gr