Cognition in Robotics: pre-programmed vs. learning

Organiser(s): Markus Vincze, Technische Universität Wien, Austria (
Alessandro Saffiotti, ÖrebrÖ University, Sweden (
Content: Discussing the potential of cognitive methodology, methods, and technologies to resolve problems in robotics. The discussion will involve selected recent or ongoing EU projects with a distinctive focus on applying AI and cognitive approaches to generate innovation (e.g., SMErobotics). Format: priming talks, mixed industry and research, on the demand in applications resp. newest exploitable results; followed by discussion on how to bring cognitive approaches onto the workshop level. The idea is to bring together industrial needs, present state of the art in cognitive technologies and discuss discrepancy and opportunities.
Agenda of the workshop: 16:15 Introduction by the moderators
16:25 Flash presentations by selected industrial participants
16:50 Flash presentations by selected academic participants
17:15 Open discussion speakers and audience
18:00 Summary, measures to take to bring cognitive methods to application needs, how can euRobotics and the AICoR TG help
  • Lukas Silberbauer, taurob, Austria
  • Francesco Ferro, Pal Robotics, Spain
  • Amit Kundar Pandey, Aldebaran Robotics, France
  • Ron Chrisley, University of Sussex, United Kingdom (Making cognitive systems more intelligible)
  • Florian Röhrbein, TU München, Germany (brain-inspired learning techniques)
  • Andreas Bihlmaier, KIT, Germany (Pre-Programmed Control Strategies vs. Learning Spatial Know-How: The Case of an Automated Endoscopic Camera Guidance Robot)
  • Gerhard Kraetzschmar, Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Michael Beetz, Universität Bremen, Germany (open-EASE, the open web knowledge service for robots)
  • Jeremy Wyatt, University of Bermingham, United Kingdom (Learning robots for our world: uncertain, incomplete and unfamiliar)
  • Vincent Müller, Anatolia College, Oxford University, United Kingdom
  • Olivier da Costa, EU Commission, Luxembourg