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11 March 2015

  SPARC Room SCHUNK Room KUKA Room ABB Room  
8h30 - 10h00 Robotics projects ... beyond the Robotics Unit
Anne Bajart, Olivier Da Costa, Cecile Huet

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Robotics for logistics and transport
Jesus Alfonso De la Riva, Achim J. Lilienthal

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Aerial manipulation
Gianluca Antonelli, Vincenzo Lippiello, George Nikolakopoulos

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Marine Robotics, Massimo Caccia, Ahmed Chemori, Vincent Creuze, Eleni Patouni

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Entrepreneurship workshop (closed session)
Geoff Pegman, Jon Agirre Ibarbia, Renaud Champion
Part 1: 08:30 - 10:00
Speed dating session
Part 2: 10:00-11:45:
Coaching Sessin Joanneum Room (Backstage)
10h00 - 10h30 Coffee Break
10h30 - 12h30 Welcome notes from euRobotics, European Commission, Austrian Ministry
Panel discussion on "Robotics and Jobs"
12h30 - 14h00 Lunch Break Press Conference with Speakers and Panelists of the Opening Session
14h00 - 15h30 Robotics in Austria
Andreas Müller, Michael Hofbaur
Hybrid production systems
Ramez Awad

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Robot Competitions
Pedro U.Lima, Bruno Siciliano, Alan Winfield

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Georges Giralt PhD Award presentations
Gerhard Kraetzschmar
Part 2b: 14:15-15:30:
Coaching Sessing Joanneum Room (Backstage)
15h30 - 16h15 Coffee Break
16h15 - 18h15 Part 3 - Entrepreneurship workshop: 14:30-17:00: Judging session (open to ERF attendants) Robotics and Regulation
Pericle Salvini
On Robot's Social Intelligence and Natural Interaction Capabilities with End User Development
Amit Kumar Pandey, Rachid Alami, Agnieszka Wykowska, Emilia I. Barakova, Anna Espositio, Bruce A. MacDonald, James P. Diprose

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Cognition in Roboticis: pre-programmed vs. Learning
Markus Vincze, Allessandro Saffiotti
Tech Transfer Award presentations
Martin Hägele
19h00 - 22h00 Reception (Palais Pallavicini)

12 March 2015

8h30 - 10h00 First H2020 projects and their contribution to the SRA
ECHORD++ and EuRoC
EC: Cecile Huet and Mariusz Baldyga
ECHORD++: Reinhard Lafrenz
EuRoC: Awad Ramez and Jonathan van der Meer

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Challenges in Perception based on Domain Requirements
Michael Suppa
Flexibility and dexterity in industrial robots
Sotiris Makris
Research & Innovation Camps
For open source industrial robot software
Ulrich Reiser
10h00 - 10h45 Coffee Break
10h45 - 12h15 Step change results from FP7 projects
Cecile Huet, Bjoern Juretzki and Franco Mastroddi

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Digital Skill for attractive jobs in manufacturing and service automation
Martin Hägele
Cognitive Robotics in future manufacturing scenarios
Andreas Pichler, Gerald Fritz
Hardware and software modularity and interoperability in Service Robotics: Towards standardisation
Gurvinder Virk and Paolo Barattini, Maria Elena Giannaccini
12h15 - 14h00 euRobotics General Assembly Lunch Break
14h00 - 15h30 H2020 Call1 projects
Let's collaborate and exchange Best Practices
EC: Cecile Huet and Mariusz Baldyga
ECHORD++: Reinhard Lafrenz
EuRoC: Awad Ramez and Jonathan van der Meer

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Award pitch presentations Entrepreneur, PhD Space Robotics
Daniel Nölke, Bernd Sommer

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Functionality Driven Mechatronics Design
M. Grebenstein
15h30 - 16h15 Coffee Break
16h15 - 17h45 European robotics regions & clusters
Paolo Dario, Uwe Haass, Cecile Huet, Laura Margheri
Ethical problems of robotics - Actual and perceived
Vincent Müller

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Industrial robotics: needs and Directions
Jose Saenz, Federico Vicentini, Mark Lewandowski, David Branson

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Robotics in Education & Education of Robotics
Petra Koudelkova, Gerhard Kraetzschmar (until 18h15)

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19h00 - 22h00 Social Event

13 March 2015

8h30 - 10h00 Robots as Helpers and Companions for Assisted Living
Filippo Cavallo, Paolo Dario, Sabine Payr, Franz Werner
Networking & Communiaction for robots, Libor Preucil and Johan Philips

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Mobile manipulation in manufacturing
Volker Kruger, Germano Veiga, Anton Garcia-Diaz, Jose Saenz, Uwe Zimmermann

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New applications and opportunities in telerobotics
Manuel Ferre, Jordi Artigas
10h00 - 10h45 Coffee Break
10h45 - 12h15 Replicable robotics research and benchmarking
Fabio Bonsignorio and Jan Veneman
Model-Driven Knowledgee Engineering for improved Software Modularity in Robotics and Automation
Ulirke Thomas
Robots in the laboratory
Patrick Courtney

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Market place for open innovation between European SMEs
Erwin Prassler
12h15 - 14h00 Lunch break + Awards
14h00 - 15h30 Health care in robotics
Christophe Leroux
Towards new Robotics Software
Markets for SMEs
Reinhard Lafrenz, Christian Schlegel
Tactile Sensing - Down to Earth Lessons Learned from Research to Industry
Michal Strohmayr
Operator assisted mobile robtos
For inspection of harsh environments

Lukas Silberbauer

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15h30 - 16h15 ERF Feedback discussion Coffee Break
16h15 - 17h45 Civil robotics networking
Francesco Fedi

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ROS Community Workshop
Richard Walker
Inspection and Maintenance
Ekki Zwickert
Support for startups
Geoff Pegman