Workshop on Home Robotics - WHR 2008 - September 26th

Is it a dream - a robot to help at home?

In some sense, yes, it is a dream. In another sense, however, we have never been closer. The market prospect of a robot in any home presents a potential similar to present car industry. Consequently, the papers addressing the specific difficulties to move exiting robot technology into home environments increased over the last years. These difficulties are caused by the open and highly diverse nature of home settings. In a home environment the large variety of furniture, protruding edges and thin legs of chairs and tables, absorbing and reflecting materials, and different floor characteristics pose not yet solved challenges.

Hence the objective of this workshop is to discuss in a focused workshop the present advances and open problems. A particular goal is to bring together experts and young researchers working in this field to exchange experiences and new upcoming ideas. Finally, home robotics is a research area, which calls for interdisciplinary research including areas such as mapping, planning, localization, obstacle avoidance, sensing, sensor data processing and computer vision, interface design, ultimately reaching usability aspects to introduce the technology to a wide range of people and not expert users. Hence, the workshop aims at fostering the cross-fertilization between the related research communities, research projects, and research groups.

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